Primary School

The Primary School Phase of The King’s School Linbro Park caters for learners from Grades 1-7. Each grade has two classes with a maximum of 24 learners per class.

The school has well maintained classrooms, facilities and grounds.

We have a team of caring and competent teachers whose responsibility is to provide pastoral care as well as to take care of the extra mural activities, of the learners, in addition to their academic responsibilities. Learners write external benchmark exams in Grade 6 and Grade 7. The teachers are involved in the marking of these exams, which adds to their professional development.  

The standard of English and Maths is very high, which creates a platform for learners to excel in other subjects. Learners in Grades 4-7 use e-books on their tablets and teachers are able to send very creative and helpful resources to the learners.

The Primary School is a fun, safe place to learn. We believe in nurturing children so they can grow spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically.