2010: Total school enrolment exceeds 300. Renovation of the building housing the preschool is completed. Renovations to the single- story house provide an additional primary school classroom.

2009: Renovations to the school office block are completed including a new reception area and new staff room. The school adopts a formal uniform.

2008: In October John Pilkington is appointed as principal. Construction of a new double-story classroom block housing 2 science labs and 2 large classrooms is completed.  Due to increasing demand, a second grade 8 class is started in the high school.

2007: The school celebrates its 21st birthday. New after care facility is opened. Construction began on a new double-story classroom block. A parent charter is adopted by the PTA.

2006: Total school enrolment exceeds 200. The school website is launched.

2005: Little Lambs opens its doors on 133 1st Road.

2004: The school becomes The King’s School Linbro Park. The school changes to 4 terms and adopts an informal uniform. The year starts with a computer server for the learners’ computer room, and a server and computer room for staff. Renovations to the technology room take place. Work on the house on 133 1st Road is initiated– the new home for Little Lambs.

2001: In April Léonie Currin is appointed as principal. Renovations to the old school hall take place to create a library. The adjoining classroom becomes the computer room.

2000: 1st class of matriculants – 7 learners who all passed. The new church building becomes operational and becomes Duduza – a place of encouragement. The school changes it’s name to Duduza College.

1999: The adjoining property is purchased, both bonds are cleared by an anonymous donor and construction on the church takes place

1998: 2nd matriculant – Lexi Repanis. Formal classes for Grade 10 started.

1997: The grade 1 and 2 classrooms are built. Basketball court built with donor funds. 1st matriculant – Ruth Stone.

1996: The hall and Gr 4 – 6 classrooms are built. Tutor system for Grade 10 and 11 instituted.

1995: Tony Pietersen takes over as principal. 1st year of Grade 8s.

1992: The preschool is built. Now this is high school classrooms.

1989: Kevin Edmunds is appointed as principal for The King’s School North Eastern Suburbs. He serves until the end of 1994.

1988: The school starts in the triple garage with 12 learners.

Mid 1988: The school moves to 134 Ronald Avenue in Linbro Park. On the property is an old house where the school opens it’s doors.

1986: Rigby Wallace (lead elder of Waverley New Covenant) hears from God and Little Lambs opens it’s doors as a preschool in Lombardy West, offering a Christ-centred worldview and open to all races. Hilary Smith and Sue Pietersen are the first teachers.